Strategy and Planning

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is associated with all techniques used to target social networks and applications that work on spreading brand awareness and recognition, building strong brand equity, and promoting or raising sales of particular products. 

Social media marketing is known to be a type of advertising with an ideal targeting, therefore it’s believed to have a huge impact on creating and spreading brand awareness and is made up of the following elements:

If the brand doesn’t exist on social media platforms; then how would the audience get to know it in a blink of an eye?


Looking for the latest and best solutions and technologies is our great goal that works to achieve an accurate strategy for the brand including a dynamic ongoing social content calendar to enrich the brand digital experience and reach its goals. 


Consequently, the planning step will follow the guidelines set in the strategy. Besides, every platform, method, trend, and tool is an opportunity that needs to be executed in the planning process to help maximize social audience and followers’ base that helps to broaden, reach and boost the business. 


We conduct all of this through hashtag campaigns, strong use of creative and unique content, also staying up to date with the latest trends of the field; and this helps to introduce the brand to the very first light of the vast digital space.